Sunday, September 2, 2012


No not the website but the cup, these are a staple for college from drinking water to juice during class. Oh and did I mention they are beyond precious! I going to admit that they have become an obsession for me.
This is my current tumbler I love the color green and yellow and the bow is just so cute!
Here are some supper cute tumblers:

These are adorable tumblers are from Monogramed Chick.

I love the bow on these cups, these cuties are from Monogramed Marketplace.

For all you active sisters these sorority tumblers are a must for rush! Rush essential courtesy of Etsy GameDayGirlsandGifts

You can show support for your school during tailgating with a spirited tumbler

Hope y'all are having a great sunday!


  1. I've become obsessed with tumblers this summer! I love the green twirly straw and the yellow bow on yours - so cute! :)

  2. I love all of your picks! I have a monogrammed Lilly tumbler that makes me want to die it is so cute and my best friends decorated one for me to take out for my birthday last year. They are seriously the best things ever!