Monday, September 3, 2012

Online Magazines

        I love getting magazines, I have been known to have five subscriptions at one time. Over the summer  my college mailbox was stuffed with thick glossy paged style magzines. However in the past year I have discovered online magzines. I thought these were amazing not only are they super convenient but they a eco friendly which is really important. 

      So far I have been able to find two great online magazines, if you are fan a fellow preppy blog College Prepster then you will know the Sweet Lemon Mag. I love this magazine it really helps with style and it's extremely tastefully done.

The next online mag that I love is. The Smart Girls Group. This group of girls that create this magazine are so diverse and creative! They are able to cover a huge variety of topics that I always find interesting. Not to mention the cute style articles that they put out are really helpful

I defiantly encourage you to check out these magazines.
Happy Labor Day y'all!!!

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  1. hi! i nominated you for the Liebster Award.