Wednesday, August 8, 2012

You're Not in Elementary School Anymore ....

No I am not forgetting all you older guys. High school and middle school can be crazy and unpredictable, however these items are a given to what you are going to need to get off to the right start.

Dividers & Plastic Sleeves ;These are great tools to use when you have multiple subjects in your binder it helps to separate and organize everything.

Ballet Flats; I basically never wore tennis shoes in high school; I lived in ballet flats and sandals. ballet flats are a great staple item  because they go with anything you own.

Tote; Because I had a locker, I did not use my backpack that much. I use totes more and they had so many pockets I could ensure everything would fit.

Colored Pens/Highlighters; This is a great study tool to organize notes, I find myself color coding still in college

Planner; This help you keep up with all your after school activities and homework assignments

Water Bottle; Water bottles are great to carry around when you have a class that you don't want to miss a thing, this way you don't have to excuse yourself to get a drink of water.

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