Monday, August 13, 2012

Unusual College Food

Walk on to a college campus you can ask anyone what food they eat and the number one thing will be Ramen, then Easy Mac. I am not a huge ramen fan because it's so salty, I have been on the search for some great foods that I can store in my dorm and that are quick to make. This project required some research so off to the grocery store I went; these are some of the great items I picked up  

Campbell Soup To Go: these are great for a college student on the go and with most soups being MSG free now makes them even better! They come is tons of flavors like tomato soup, cream of chicken, chicken noodle, and cream of broccoli.

Coffee& Tea; I am known for having 2 cups of coffee and at least three cups of tea day. I love having different flavors too; my favorite right now is a mango peach black tea.

Mio: If you have not tried this it's great, it's basically flavoring for water, all you do is add two/three drops and you have flavored water. They have awesome flavored think, sweet tea, peach tea, lemonade, pomegranate blueberry and many more. My Favorite is the Peach Tea.

Popcorn; I am huge fan of popcorn but I usually air pop my popcorn because I don't like a ton of salt or butter on mine. If I want to change it up I sprinkle a little cinnamon on it. Popcorn is a great food to use for studying because it relatively health if it's air popped

Oatmeal; With crazy busy morning oatmeal is a huge time saver I usually eat a pack of oat meal in the morning before classes because I have allot of morning class so I can get to the dinning hall until like 11am.

Emerald 100 calorie packs, I lived off these last year I love that they are snack that dose not get squished in my backpack and they taste great especially with one with the walnuts

What are some of your college food staples?

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