Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tips On What to Do On the First Day of Class.

     I have a strong belief that what you do the first day of class will effect how well you do in the class, its not major things that you have to do just small little things, that can really help you succeed in your class

1. Sitting in the front of the class, this has been repeated to me time and time again and it truly doses work because this causes you to pay attention. 

2. Introduce yourself to your teacher/professor this way you professor will recognize you and your work may stand out to them.

3. Read your syllables thoroughly, this way you can pick up on any ways you can get extra credit.

4. Read the first chapter before you get to class this way you can already be ahead and the professor is only reenforcing the information given

5. Make sure to write down all your quizzes, test, and other important items for all your classes because this way you will be prepared for it and not caught off guard.

6. Make friends with your neighbor, chances are you maybe sitting with this person for the rest of the year so be friendly and who knows if you are sick one day they may let you see the notes that you missed.

7. Print out all power point and class material before class, this help you if your teacher move to quickly or you miss some info, you can refer back to it. 

Have a super great year y'all!

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  1. great advice! i love your blog it's always so positive and uplifting:) Hope you have a great school year