Wednesday, August 8, 2012

College Packing Tips

It's College Move in Season!! I am beyond excited to get back to UMW and get back into the swing of things. However with this comes the packing of college items again. I am now basically an expert at packing for college with the amount of times I have had to helped my brother and sister pack up to packing up mine own, our family is experts on moving in to dorms.

    Storage/Organization this is key for an easy and relatively painless move in. A favorite among our household are trunks. With trunk we can pack both large and small things into them and each trunk caries certain thing (Electronics, Clothes/Beauty, Cookware, Study materials, Ect). They are great because with like four trunks we can move the majority of my dorm stuff except for huge items in two trips.

   Communicate with your roommate about the dorm; figure out who can bring what and split it up before you move in this saves the trouble and money of having two of everything.
   Bring a tool kit. You will need this for the setting up of lot of things, Such as curtains, lofting a bed, setting TV, setting up clothes rack is an absolute necessary item

   Put liquids in plastic bags, this way if there's and accident during the move everything will be protected. This is what happened to one of the girl on my hall last year.

   Wear comfortable shoes: chances are you are not on the first floor of a dorm and even if there is an elevator it may take way to long to wait. So that means lots of stair climbing.

   Wear comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Chances are your room may be dusty and the floor may need a washing. You however will be spending allot of time on the floor of your dorm unpack stuff and organizing therefor don't wear some thing super expensive or one of your favorite Lilly dresses.
   Clean your dorm before unpacking, your dorm has probably been sitting all summer UN cleaned and collecting dust. Make sure to wipe down all surfaces and sweep the floor before your start unpacking. This ensures that you have a great clean room to start out with.

   Make sure that you have all your furniture arranged the way you want you and your roommate to have it because after you start unpacking it may be hard to move around larger furniture items like beds and desks.
    Drink lots of waters! I promise you will be working up a sweat moving around stuff and running out to the car so make sure that everyone stays hydrated.

   Get your bed set up first, this way you are not struggling with a mattress/mattress pad and sheets while there are boxes everywhere that you can trip on.

  • Moms usually know best, even though some times I hate to admit it when it comes to organizing dorm room they really know their stuff and can really help you maximize your room space

Here are some pictures of last year's dorm, hopefully my dorm this year will be much better! I had a small space in my dorm since I was living in a triple.

Well after that very long post I hope this was really helpfully and feel free to post any tips that you have thanks y'all.


  1. Your room is so cute! I completely agree about wiping everything down first. There's so much dust everywhere, since it's just been sitting all summer!

    P.S. I'm hosting a preppy dorm showcase this fall, if you're interested! Check out my blog for more details! And thanks for the follow, your blog is so cute! Have a great day!

  2. Your Comforter is so cute! Bringing a tool kit is such a good idea, I can't tell you how many times I needed a screwdriver and I didn't have one.

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  3. Moving to college can really be traumatic especially for those who are far away from their homes. But then, these tips can always help them go through all the fears.