Monday, August 13, 2012

And That's A Wrap ...

Well summer is coming to an end for me this week, on Sunday I move back in to UMW to help with freshmen orientation I could not be more excited! This now what the floor of my room looks like I just started packing up my closet. There always this bitter sweet concept when it comes to summer and how you cant wit for it to end and get back to school yet when you are sad it's ending. Well  I am happy to be able to get back to seeing all my friends back at UMW. Oh how I will miss summer and especilly going to miss....

                                                                                                                    Please excuses the Kitty haha I wish I could take him!

Beach: I love being only a few minuets away from the beach and being able to spend some time in the water.

Working at the Art museum: It was  amazing  to be able to create programs and crafts for children that came into the museum

Vermont: I love the weather and the small towns, in a town they have moose everywhere I was able to get one with a Lilly Moose !

Polo matches; I Love being able to wear my Lilly dresses and watch polo hopefully I can go to some matcher in September with some of the girls 

Kitty:  This new addition to the family is something i will miss so much, but my little sis promised she would send me pictures!

Turning 19: Gosh this makes me feel terribly old, oh well with age come wisdom and class so bring on the birthdays ! 

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