Saturday, July 21, 2012

Spice Up Your Dorm Room Week!

Today I am going to kick off a week full of posting about spicing up your dorm room. I figure since school is approaching it's time to start thinking about some great decorating ideas. I hope everyone is super excited because theses ideas that  I have for posts are amazing. Anyways today's posting is all about  sequines. I love glitter and sequins, and if your ask anyone who knows me they will say that my favorite colors are pink and glitter.  I have been wanting to to this craft for a while now since I saw something similar on Let's be Preppy! She created her monogram on a canvas an covered the canvas in acrylic gems. Well for mine I took those acrylic gems and created a giant A and centered the color scheme around my bedding. This project can take you from 2 hours to like 10 hours it all depends on how much of the canvas you want to cover in sequins, here is the final result.

I also have seen this done with other materials like glitter, buttons, and taking a wooden letter and cover it in paper. These are some other examples all thanks to Pinterest.

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  1. These were super cute! I am thinking of making my name for my college door using these as inspiration. Thank you so much for posting- keep it preppy!