Monday, July 16, 2012


Lunch time always bring me back to thinking of lunch boxes, cute cut up sandwiches with notes from your mom on a napkin. But now that I am older I almost miss those days, when I go in to work, it usually what I have been able to scrabble up from our fridge in the last 10 minuets before heading out the door. Then I was scouring out library today and found this book called the Vegan Lunch Box, it is beyond cute. Even though I am not vegan the lunches and the presentation is adorable, it defiantly makes me wish I could make lunches like that.
I love the use of fruit to make the rainbow, it looks so yummy !
I love the colored container and the veggies with the pita bread  
I could not help myself with this one, the pirate theme was just too cute !
I love how many different things this lunch has and the flowers are so adorable.
A little more sophisticated but still looks amazing.

Do you have an great tip on how to make some great lunches, if so I would greatly appreciate the input thanks.


  1. These lunches are great! Mine are definitely not that sophisticated...I just kind of cram everything into a paper lunch bag, haha.

  2. I went through a sushi phase and I started trying to make bento boxes for my boyfriend, definitely much harder than it looks! not to mention he doesnt really like raw seafood so it was hard to cook everything and cut it into different cute shapes, though it was fun I dont think i'll have time to try that again haha! these look much more doable and yet still so cute!