Friday, June 22, 2012

90's Flashback

 I am definitely a 90's/ Early 2000's child, I was reminded of this today when I was in the attic helping clean and I found all of my old toys and clothes. I had to laugh at some of the things I convinced my mom to buy. Here is my trip down memory lane .

1.Favorite movie; Scooby Doo Movies And Clueless
2.Favorite Tv Show;All that!

3. Do you Guys remember Smackers: I had them in some many strange flavors.

4. Favorite Toys: Polly Pockets and Happy Meal Babies. I use to get so excited when McDonnell's was giving these out.
5.Favorite Game:Pretty Pretty Princess or Mall Madness
6.My favorite school supplies: gel pens !
7.Favorite Fashion Pieces: defiantly jellies i had them in every color!
8.Favorie Books; babysitters club or nancy drew
9.Worst Invention ; Furby, defiantly now matter who you talk to they was have a horror story haha

Well Y'all i hope you enjoyed your trip down memory lane 


  1. I remember all of these! I loved that Scooby Doo movie...and gel pens...and Pretty Pretty Princess. Aww, I miss the 90s.