Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I am really excited form this summer because of my internship . Over the summer I am going to be interning at an art museum. I beyond excited because I get to spend my day surrounded by art , what more could I ask for?  This has  me to thinking naturally about what I am going to wear. As I scanned my closet   I have  found a lot of clothes that I feel could be great for working such an environment, so here are some of my staples that I am going to use during my internship

Red Belt: this is perfect for because I have an hour glass shape and I like showing off my waist and it's a universal color.

Black Heels: I love black heels with dress pants, but they have to be comfortable.

Ballet Flats: these babies are great for if you are going to be on your feet allot and they come in virtually any color. My favorite colors for these guys are brown, black, red, and sliver.

Navy Blazer: this is a universal staple for any wardrobe and it looks great with khakis.

Oxfords: they are so durable and they come in all sort of colors.

Pencil Skirt: I love pencil skirt they are just so classic.

Blouses: I love any type of blouse especially since it's the summer I need something that not going to be to heavy so light weight blouses are ideal.

Black and Khaki Dress Pants: these go with anything and you can match any top with these two colors.

Solid Colored Dress : this is perfect for the work place and with a bright color you can really show your personality with out being too inappropriate for the work place.

Statement Jewelry: I am going to have jewelry be my go to accessory  for work, if you have great statement pieces then you can really pull together an outfit.

I find that some great stores to find the basics would be J.Crew (Of-course), BrooksBrothers, Gap, Banana Republic, Anne Taylor , Express, and H&M.

I hope this helps y'all with any job fashion crisis.

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  1. Just wrote a post on professional outfits and had to tag you in my post! You pulled some great pieces that are essentials for the professional world!

    <3 AQT