Sunday, May 6, 2012


For the past few week I have fallen into a  slump where I feel unmotivated to do anything, and well I am bound and determined to over come this slump. In order to over come my slump I watch one of my favorite musicals ever Legally Blonde the Musical, I have it  on dvd and I frequently watch it when I feel unmotivated. There is just something about Elle Woods  and her attitude that makes you motivated. If that does not work for me I research motivational quotes online I usually  find them on tumblr and occasionally on pintrest theses really help me get into the mind set of becoming motivated to change my ways. Another way to change my way of thinking it to talk to someone. It's usually my brother since we are close but it really helps to sometimes get a little pep talk form someone, it can go a long way. The last thing that I usually do is to listen to music depending on the genre, country music has some really great songs, also I am going to admit some disney songs like Tarzan can help me become motivated.
Hopefully these can help you feel motivated and be able to conquer any situation and feel like you can take on the world. 


  1. same here! also my parents shared tips for college with me I thought I'd pass along, be careful with your online blog and don't reveal too much in case there are weird people out there and sutff. i wanted to start a youtube channel but now i thnk i wont because its not that safe, that made me think abotu blogging and i just wanted to pass this along! also i love your blog I added it to my blogroll!

  2. Maybe I've been living under a rock, but I didn't know there was a Legally Blonde musical! I love the movie, so I definitely want to check the musical out.