Friday, April 6, 2012

College Tour Style

When you are touring college you want to look cute, pulled together, but also comfortable. How do do this you may ask, well here are some great options for college tours 

1. Choose a light weight sundress and sandals and you are set.
College Tour one

2. Choose a cute skirt and a t-shirt with cardigan and you will look so preppy! I love the earrings in this outfit they are perfect.
College tour two
2. College tour lilly style; Choose some cotton short and pair it with a button down for a pulled together yet relaxed look.
College tour Three

I hope that y'all like these outfit!


  1. Oh my god I wanted that exact Chambray dress from Gap so bad but it was sold out! :( These outfits look perfect for walking around campus. Profesisonal, but relaxed at the same time!

  2. are these your clothes? j'adore I wish I had time to go shopping right now!
    You remind me of my big sis haha

  3. Thank you so much ! Yes most are, however some of the clothes I have are hard to find on Polyvore so I try and find something extremely similar .