Saturday, April 7, 2012

Getting over Break Ups ....

Well it's been a long  week and well I have been helping a friend get though a bad break, I don't have too much experience in this department, but after years of Tyra and Oprah I  at-least know what to do. However it can be every different for each person, here are some general tips on how to help cope

1. Be with friends, if you are alone this can cause you think more about the relationship, while if you are  with your friends they can help distract you

2. It's ok to eat some fatty foods, but not too much. I know it's  hard not too, but try and resist them temptation of eating an entire tub of ice cream or icicng. Instead go make a smoothie or even some trail mix this will give you some of your temptation but not with out getting too out of hand

3. Don't be that girl that posts all these depressing messages or status update, it's ok to be sad, but really this will just make it harder to move on.

4.Don't drink your sorrows away, I had a friend who thought this was her only answer , she would end up waking up the next morning feeling worse

5. Do watch some funny romantic comedies, these movies will make you laugh and see that some times things do work out for the best even if they are just in the movies

I hope this helps anyone who ever has to deal with a bada breakup. But remember absolutely no guy is worth the time of crying over.

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