Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kiel James Patrick!

I have been watching this designer for awhile and have basically lusted over  the bracelets that that Kiel James Patrick has made. I was pursuing the website and I have deiced it's about time that I bought one. The only problem is picking just one of the bracelets. As I looked I fell in love with all of them and was making justification for what outfit I would wear with each of them.  The one reason why I absolutely love these bracelets is well because they are so well made, and for me that important. I love having accessories that can last. Another reason why these bracelets are so great is because they are so classic, they will never go out of style. The last reason is that the company actually allows you to customize what color button you want, which I think is great! I have narrowed it down to five of my favorite here they are;

1. Drocks Paddle Rack

2. Honey Frtiz

3.Brinkley Day Cape 

4.Moll Flanders

                                           5.Hummock Pond Nantucket


  1. I want those bracelets!!!! Especially the ones with anchors..... bouuuuuu.....huhuhuhuhu... :_(

  2. can you do a post on study tips/habits? i am a freshman and i need help