Monday, February 27, 2012

One nice thing about living in an all girls dorm first is the privacy, second is the fact that you can run around in baggy sweatshirts and flannel pj pants 24/7 and no one will judge you. Well I am afraid to say it but next year I will not have this freedom, I am going to be living in a co-ed dorm, it’s band new I am super excited! Well this got me thinking who  will be living on the floor so this means that I need to find some supper cute pj and lounge wear, that’s well is not trashy. I am not a fan of yoga pants and shorts with words on the butt, I come on can we be a little classier. Anyway this got me thinking of some cute pjs that are classy, so here are the top choice for me.

 I love the beading detail on this sleep shirt

simplicity is always classy
I love that this night gowns come in all these different colors.

 Of course Lilly Pulitzer came out with some great lounge wear !!

Then there is Vineyard Vines and their lounge wear
Hope everyone had a great Monday!!

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  1. I love your posts about study tips and clothes to wear in college, I am a freshman and this is really helpful! let's embrace our inner preppiness! you remind me a lot of blair btw:)