Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Summer in January

So today I woke up to one of the most gorgeous day that there has been in January, today it is suppose to reach 70's and it suppose to be the same tomorrow. Well this has me thinking of summer and when I think of summer I think of shorts so here are so really cute shorts that I am looking forward to wearing any chance I can get.

I love these shorts I literally scoured every store that sold Lilly Pulitzer to get my hands on them, they were crazy popular last summer .

I love this patterned and shape of these shorts, J.Crew does a great job of coming out with cute shorts.
I love the floral pattern on these shorts they make me smile every time I wear them 
These short are more practical, but they go great with a t-shirt for summers  running around doing errands.

I hope everyone has as great of weather as I am having here in Fredericksburg.

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