Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hitting the Books Part One

In high school, grades seemed to have come easier to me than in college and this last semester was a wake up call telling me that I need to do more than just taking notes and relying on my memory of the notes . So I have deiced that I will try my best to spend at least 3 hour in the library a day either doing homework, reading or studying. This resolution got me thinking what do you wear to a library , it seems that it always too hot or too cold, the chair never fell comfortable and  if you don't wear something comfortable then you are now distracted by your clothes so I came up with some tip as to help out;

Tip one, just like the movies library can be extremely bipolar , it can be too hot or too cold so it is key  to layer, start off by wearing a light shirt and then have a sweater or cardigan to go along with it.

Tip two, don't wear something too tight, or too scratchy , if you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing then you will not be able to focus on work.

Tip three, try your best to look pulled together, because you never know who you are going to run into. Also if you feel put together this will also boast your confidence and help you feel better about your self therefore giving you confidence to do your work.

Tip four, don't wear too much jewelry, especially bracelets, when you are wring and typing at computer having multiple ring and bracelet can juts get into the way. Furthermore if your library has quites study spaces, wearing too much jewelry = too much noise, which is distracting to the people around you so be courteous.

Tip five wear comfortable shoes, if you wear shoes that are too small you can become distracted by the tightness

Do you have any tips on what to wear to the library. I hope you have found these tips helpful, stay tuned for tomorrow's post when  I will come  up with some library approved outfit that help you stand out in the crowd of sweat pant and sweatshirts.

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