Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Preppy Little Liars

Well since I had no exams today I took this valuable time to catch up on one of my guilty pleasures , Pretty Little Liars. While the plot line can get a little confusing, there is one feature of this show that never fails. The fashion, one  particular character's style has caught  my eye, the one and only Spencer Hastings. I absolutely swoon over  her effortless old school prep style. I have seen her in everything from cute cardigans to so very stylish riding boots. Here are some of my favorite looks;
I absolutely love Spencer's shirt in this outfit is is classic, and the lace add a very nice twist to the outfit.

I got so excited when I saw Spencer in this blazer, I have a blazer that  is extremely similar.  Oh gosh look at those boots, I have been lusting over a great pair of riding boots. Hopefully my mother has gotten the hint and they are sitting under the Christmas tree.

Spencer's cardigan in this scene is beyond cute and topping off her outfit with some simple heels is great, I will defiantly be using this as an inspiration for some future outfits.

If you have never seen Pretty Little Liars, I defiantly suggest you take look. The style of these high schoolers is worth the look alone. If you have seen Pretty Little Liars who is your style inspiration ?

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